Jose Diaz

Leader of Los Damas Azul


Age: 25
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 160 lb
Position: Gang Leader
Birthplace: Tijuana


Growing up in Tijuana Jose was first introduced to violence at age 6 when Los setas broke into his house and brutally murdered both his mother and father. In the investigation the police found out that they had mixed up the addresses and their actual targets were his neighbors who had stolen drugs from the gang. The men got away and the police did not seem to care about finding them. Jose found his fathers guns and organized his friends into a pose to get revenge luckily for Jose they could not find the setas who killed his father. However, Jose still needed money so he began running jobs with his friends for a local gang he worked his way up the ranks until the age of 16 when the gang he was running with merged with the setas to gain power. Jose convinced as many men as he could within the gang to break off and become Los Damas Azul. While small and not very well equipped the men that came with him were highly skilled.

Jose Diaz

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