Akio Taichi

Former leader of the yakuza current coleader of the asian alliance


Age: 31
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 160
Position: Co leader asain alliance
Birthplace: Tokyo


Part of the Toa-Kai section of the yakuza his family have been yakuza bosses for generations. He became the yakuza boss at the age of 25 when his father was assassinated by a Triad. at the age of 30 the yakuza council decided that they needed to strengthen their American devision to help increase profit through greater drug and arms trafficing. Akio was assigned with the task. After the bombs struck he was not able to contact any of the other Yakuza in Japan. When asked to ally with the Triads Akio’s initial reaction was one of discust however after talking it over with his advisors he determined that it was the only way to keep the yakuza strong. While he is a very proud man he understands that in order to succeed he must listen to the advice of his advisors.

He is about as skilled with a sword as he is with a gun.

Akio Taichi

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