Susan Burke

Mother of Jamie Burke; Botanist


Age: 55 (when deceased)
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 150 lbs
Profession: Botanist; Avid Gardener
Birthplace: Charleston, SC


Susan and her six brother grew up in a loving family in Charleston, SC. She had always loved plants and growing things in the backyard. Before the age of 10 she could identify every plant within walking distance of her small house. She worked her way through college and after many years received her doctorate in Botany. While on a field research project in South America she met the handsome young archealogist Edward Burke. The two fell instantly in love and married soon after. Edward and Susan traveled the world together working side by side and eventually settled down in Las Vegas, NV. They tried for many years to have children but to no avail. Eventually, they decided to adopt a child and were eventually placed with a beautiful daughter they named Jamie. Jamie was the light of Susan’s life and she quiet her fellowship at UNLV to spend every minute with her. The day Jami was to graduate from medical school was the happiest day of Susan’s life. Susan and Edward were at a conference in New York and the time and Susan insist they leave early to attend. Tragically their plane went down on route to Jamie’s graduation and they were never seen again.

Susan Burke

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