makes and uses highly advanced technology which she devolops, has the abuility to transform into insect swarms


Age: 19
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 145 lb
Position: odd jobs
Birthplace: Mojave Desert


defensible position:Moonbat believes that it is imperative that she collect as many people with technical skills and build some kind of impenetrable fortress with everything necessary for survival(possibly nuclear powered and underground).

Uncover the secrets of the illuminati: Moonbat has always heard that the illuminati were behind all the troubles in the world, she wants to uncover the truth.

desire for knowledge: from her studies of field theory etc… Moonbat has gained a strong desire to learn of the secret workings of the universe


inappropriate conversation: Moonbat does not know when to keep her mouth closed and tends to blurt out wrong information.

run and hide: when faced with danger, Moonbat will use her ability to escape/ hide

taking things apart: because of her thirst for knowledge of how technology works, and loose understanding of personal property, Moonbat tends to take random devices apart, including those which are not hers, sometimes taking parts out for her own equipment before putting them back together.


Moonbat backstory:
By age 24 Globulus, than known as Richard Benjamin, was the CEO of DYNCORP, a powerful multinational corporation. By his 25th birthday he was living in a camouflage tent deep in the Mojave desert with his former assistant Praxus, formerly Jane Reid. He set up an offshore account in the Cayman islands with enough money to sustain him for life and gave the bank instructions to mail a stipend 20K a year in cash to a post office box in Barstow in monthly installments, and left for the deep desert, convincing Jane to come Join him. He donated the rest of his fortune to charity and without his leadership DYNCORP soon went out of business. Globulus than went slowly insane in the desert, Praxus started using hallucinogens heavily and was thereby also rendered insane. Neither of them kept much contact with the outside world because of delusions about conspiracies involving the Illuminati. They only occasionally go to town for supplies and to collect the stipend. After 5 years in the desert Praxus became pregnant with a daughter, whom her and her husband named Moonbat.
Moonbat was quite a clever child, and showed an aptitude for all things technical and scientific. Her parents bought her some textbooks, but only on technical subjects, for fear that she would want to go out into the world and would be taken by the Illuminati if she read about geography, history literature etc… Praxus did try to explain how the world was outside of the mojave. Because of the effects of Praxuss many bad trips, these explanation did more harm than good, for example by teaching Moonbat that the nation of Mexico is only about 5 miles in size but is infested with dragons. Moonbat never learned at all about how to fit in with modern society, and what she did learn about the outside world is, in the best case severely distorted, and in the worst case completely wrong.
One day when she was 15 Moonbat discovered an abandoned junkyard and began tinkering with some of the items there, first by just building useful devices to sell in town for some extra income and repairing cars. Soon she had created her survival knife (see equipment section). When Moonbat was 18, Globulus told her to prepare for “imminent defense”, so Moonbat built a plasma rifle out of some old CRT monitors. Moonbat also started taking odd jobs repairing things around town, and by the time she was 19 had convinced Globulus that it would be more “strategically sound” if she move out of the family tent and start squatting in the abandoned junkyard. Here Moonbat continued to make a living fixing odd things, distilling moonshine, growing shrooms, etc…
After several confrontations with local rednecks and hoodlums (most of which ended with a plasma pulse through the chest for the trespasser) Moonbat decided that it would be best if she improved her defenses, so she developed active camouflage (see equipment section). It was here that Moonbats status changed from “novice” to “seasoned”. Moonbat also developed a set of compact and efficient tools which she can carry in her backpack along with survival equipment, so that she can easily travel to repair things. Moonbat can use her survival knife for water (see equipment), and has stockpiled a large number of MREs for food. She also frequently goes on long camping trips to the deep desert.
Important to note:
Moonbat has lived completely off the grid her entire life, and therefore has no drivers license (she does know how to drive however) or any other form of government issued identification. She also does not exist an any official records.
Moonbat has a completely screwed up and distorted view of how the world outside the Mojave is (thanks to Praxus).
Moonbat has absolutely no social skills and does not shower, this makes interaction with others awkward at best.
Living out in the desert is hard, Moonbat has a very rugged appearance and is usually mistaken for a man.
Moonbat has an advanced knowledge of Quantum Field Thory (QFT) and chemistry from textbooks provided by Praxus and Globulus, however she has made up her own system of notation and would have difficulty communicating this knowledge to anyone who is classically trained (ie. Someone from a university).
Survival knife: Moonbat’s survival knife serves multiple purposes. Like all devices which she is equipped with, this item uses Quantum Field Theory principles to function. The first ability it has is to tap the vacuum energy anywhere within its range to produce heat similar to that of a lit match. The knife also can either condense a quart of water from the air or purify up to a gallon of water at a time, this ability uses a quantum coherent photon field to perform purification, this process is comparable with living tissue, so it can be used to reduce the effects of poison which has already been ingested. The knife can also use a gravitational resonance in the structure of silicate materials to dig a hole instantly of up to 1 foot deep in soil or up to 6 inches deep in stone. The knife can also use a similar force on air to create a breeze. A more useful application of the knife is the ability it has to produce a field which destructively interferes with visible photons in an area, creating complete darkness for a short period of time. The knife is also able to generate a field which can resonates with the hemoglobin in a persons blood and can protect the from many types of harm, this field can also restore CO2 into elemental carbon and oxygen, allowing a person to survive without air for a period of time.

Plasma rife: Powered by zero point energy and built from old CRT (cathode ray tube) displays, this weapon delivers three shot bursts of high energy ionized balls of air. The weapon has computerized controls which allow for the individual shots to be directed at 3 different targets.

Active camouflage: A suit of advanced polymer which, when powered on, can create a field which can deflect light and make the wearer temporarily either partially or totally invisible, powered by a small zero point energy unit stored on the belt.

Quick note:
Although powered by zero point energy, these devices do not have unlimited power, and must take time to recharge as described in the rule book for magic.


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