Michael (Mike) Ashland



Age: 56
Height 5’11”
Weight: 170
Profession: Farmer
Birthplace: Burlington, CO


Mike grew up in an old farmhouse just outside of Burlington, CO that was built by his great-grandfather. He grew up on and worked the same soil that him family had for generations. As the only son born in the family, he was told by his father on his deathbed to protect his family and their livelihood. About 5 years ago the farm had began to fall on hard times and money became scarce. It was at this point he was approached by some businessmen from Denver who offered to pay him $500,000 and all of his operational expenses for the next 10 years if he would plant and sell their experimental genetically engineered produce. With an offer that good Mike could not in good conscience pass it up and he reluctantly agreed. After the bombs hit Denver, most of the nearby farms had their crops wither and die but not Mike. Amazing the plants the businessmen gave him not just survived but thrived.

Michael (Mike) Ashland

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