Isaak Alfred (Deceased)

Street Preacher


Age: 35
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 170 lbs
Position: Street Preacher
Birthplace: Boston


Isaak has always helped those who he feels are in need he was born to a wealthy family. At the age of 25 both of his parents were killed in a tragic car crash at this poit he turned to religion. But his version of being a preacher was different then most he moved to South Central LA and gave money from his inheritance to anyone who needed it. At the age of 28 he met Fionna who he loved and who loved him at least he thought. When she became pregnant she said he had to marry her Isaak was estactic. Ishreal was born and life was good. However, after a year of marrige she faked that he was having an affair, devorced him and took half of his money leaving Ishreal with him. He kept giving all he could to his church at the age of 31 he was broke.

Isaak Alfred (Deceased)

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