General Evan Storm

Leader of SWAT


Age: 70
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 220
Position: Leader SWAT
Birthplace: Pheonix


Born and raised to be a soldier he is confident and powerful. He studied at West Point yet when he got out he served as a marine in the end of the Korean war always saying that he could not lead men if he did not know what they had to go through first. He was promoted after the war to a cornel during Vietnam he learned how to fly from the airforce. While not confirmed it was guessed that even as a Cornel he took personal part in some of the very important special ops missions. During desset storm he was promoted to General of the Marines. However he had to step down after an operation in libia went wrong and many innocence where killed in the extration of some US soldiers he was questioned and stated.

General Evan Storm

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