Dr. Edward Burke

Father of Jami Burke; Archealogist; Former Professor at UNLV


Age: 60 (when died)
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 180 lbs
Profession: Archealogist; Former Professor at UNLV
Birthplace: London, England


While in on an expedition searching for an extinct tribe in South America he met a beautiful young research assistant named Susan Wakefield. The two fell instantly in love and married soon after. Edward and Susan traveled the world together working side by side and eventually settled down in Las Vegas, NV where Edward accepted a professorship at the UNLV Department of Archeaology . They tried for many years to have children but to no avail. After years of pressure from Susan, the two adopted a baby girl they named Jamie. Edward fell in love instantly Jamie and swore that he would give her everything she could ever want. When she expressed interest in becoming a doctor he sent her to the best medical school money could buy. The day Jamie was to graduate from medical school Edward was presenting his research findings at a conference in New York and the time and Susan insisted they leave early to attend. Tragically their plane went down on route to Jamie’s graduation and they were never seen again.

Dr. Edward Burke

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